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CCA Tri-State Exam Study Session 2020
Jan 24, 2020
All day event
The Certified Crop Adviser exams are rigorous and test for a demonstrated competency level, which means there is a lot of material to learn in all 4 of the performance objective areas and less than 50 percent of those taking the exam pass.  
The Illinois CCA Board took action to try to help test takers and improve those pass/fail numbers in 2018 and experimented with a one day study session.  Those who attended the study session AND studied on their own did much better on the February 2018 exam than those who did not attend.
We would like to repeat this study session on Friday, January 24, 2020 at the Asmark AgriCenter in Bloomington.  Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. and it will be a full day of learning beginning at 8 a.m. Some industry experts have again volunteered to review a few topics in each objective area and also be available to answer any questions you may have from the performance objectives.  If you would like to attend please click on purchase ticket and you can pay by credit card, or register and plan to bring a check with you that day.  Cost is $40 to cover the costs of lunch and other expenses.  If you register, you are responsible to pay!  Registration will be due by Jan. 20 so we can have a count for lunch.
This event is designed to help you study but please keep in mind YOU WILL NEED TO STUDY ON YOUR OWN before and afterwards TO SUCCEED on the test.  There is no way our speakers can cover all the material in each performance objective in two hours but if you attend you will have the opportunity to ask questions of people who can answer them for you.  Hopefully you will also pick up some valuable information that will help you pass the tests.  It is important that you know upfront that along with trying to fit as much information as they can into 2 hours, another challenge for these speakers is they have not seen the exam, (it is specifically against the rules set by the International Certified Crop Adviser Board for anyone who has been on the exam committee to teach study sessions).  They do not know what is on it but they do know the materials in the performance objectives and are passionate about the success of the CCA Program.
Here is a link to both the ICCA and Tri-State performance objectives if you have not already downloaded them.  The Tri-State Exam has historically been considered the most difficult so the instructors will be using the Tri-state performance objectives to prepare their presentations. You should also study for the International Exam using the International Exam Performance Objectives.  If you are taking both exams, only studying for one will probably not be enough!
If you know of others who did not register for the February Exam but would like to come to learn for a future exam they are welcome as well.  If you have any additional questions, please let me know.
Good Luck!
Asmark AgriCenter 14171 Carole Drive , Bloomington IL 61705 US