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Illinois CCA Program

Certification is a standard of excellence used in many professions, including law, accounting, and engineering. With the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) program, you can demonstrate your valuable agronomic expertise to the farmers you advise.

What is the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) program?
CCA is designed to establish base standards of knowledge for individuals who advise growers on crop management and production inputs. It's a way for our industry to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to help growers produce economical.

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Conference Registration

The 2019 CCA Conference / Ag Masters will take place on December 4-5 at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield. Registration will open in October 2019!


Check Your CEUs

Need to check how many CEU Credits you have? Log in to your account to view your status, register for exams, search the directory, and more!


Become a CCA

Have questions about becoming a CCA? Click the link below to find out more information about the process.  The next exam is August 2, 2019.


Offer CEUs at your Meeting/Event

Hosting an educational event for CCAs? Offer CEUs at you meeting or event by following the link below.


Registration for the August 2019 Tri-State Exam is open


Exam registration for the August 2, 2019 CCA Exams is open and must be completed by June 21, 2019.  If you are interested in taking the 4R, Sustainability or Resistance Management Specialty Exams, you must also register between these dates but the exam will be offered electronically where it is most convenient for you. Go to the International CCA website to register and for more information:

Check out the CCA Soy Envoys!

Have you visited the Illinois Soy Advisor webpage recently?

Clicking on the CCA Star will take you to:

  • CCA Updates from around the state.
  • Lots of FREE CEU webinars - click, watch/listen and then self-report your CEUs
  • 4R Exam study materials. The 4R course that Bill Simmons gave at the IFCA Conference plus the webinars that followed are all archived on the ilsoyadviser website and available to help you study for the next 4R NMS Specialty Exam.